Fun Decorating with Eggs!

Think outside of the basket. Use blown-out eggs as adorable Easter decorations that can hang, or add an Easter touch to a centerpiece.

Check out this video of a recent appearance on the TODAY Show where I show Kathie Lee & Hoda how to blow eggs.

Egg Ornaments


Blown-out, dyed eggs

Ribbon, beads, glitter and/or paint

Hot glue gun

18 gage galvanized steel wire

Wire cutters

Jewelers or needle nose pliers

String or jewelry wire

Blow out the insides of the eggs, dye them with traditional Easter egg dye, and let them dry completely. Using the carton as a drying rack is a great way to dry the eggs.

Decorate the eggs with ribbon, beads, glitter, paint, or any other way you like. Thread a piece of wire through the holes used for blowing out the insides. It’s easiest to start at the top of the egg where the small hole is, and push the other end through the larger hole in the bottom. Use a wire that is stiff enough to hold its shape, but easy enough to bend with pliers (like 18 gage galvanized steel wire).

Add some beads to the ends of the wire. Snip off excess, and bend the wire ends using jewelers or needle nose pliers into loops to secure.

As each egg is created, place them in a bowl or egg carton, so they don’t roll all over the place.

Attach a string or jewelry wire to the tops, so they can hang.

Hang the eggs in the window, from a chandelier, or a branch to display.

Easter Egg Centerpiece



18 gage galvanized steel wire

Jewelers or needle nose pliers

To add eggs to your favorite spring blooms, simply thread the wire through the egg the same way as the egg ornaments. Make a loop at one end of the wire, and make a bend in the other end to keep the egg from slipping. Use the excess wire as a stem and insert into the bouquet. I hot glued a little bird to one of the eggs for an extra springtime touch.

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