How to Make Your Haircut Work from Day to Night

There’s nothing like the thrill of getting a new haircut. You feel confident, special, different, excited. And those feelings don’t have to stop when you leave the salon. My latest collection for ULTA make it easy to style your locks in more ways than one.

Experimenting with your new cut is a great way to discover new styles that work for you. One of the most popular cuts this year is heavy, blunt bangs.  First Lady Michelle Obama recently cut bangs as a way to change up her look, and mum-to-be Kim Kardashian also recently made the chop.  Bangs are a great look for Spring and, contrary to popular belief, can be styled in a number of different ways.

How to achieve the look: Apply Redken Argan-6 oil to mid-lengths and ends followed by Redken’s Layer Lift 07 from scalp to ends. Begin blow drying with a paddle brush to remove moisture while maintaining control. Once the hair is 50% dry switch to a boar bristle round brush to create volume at the roots and smoothness on the ends.  Finish by using a large barrel curling iron to set the hair and increase shine.

How to achieve the look: Using a soft boar bristle brush, backcomb lightly throughout. Smooth the surface softly then pull everything into a ponytail and secure with an elastic band. Where, on the head, you place the ponytail will vary based on length and desired outcome.  Lightly mist the ponytail with a light hair spray and smooth ponytail surface with a soft boar bristle brush. Firmly grasp the ponytail and begin to tightly twist the hair in one direction. Allow the ponytail to organically twist onto itself and wrap into a soft loose knot. Secure with bobby pins.

How to achieve the look: Pull hair into a high ponytail and mist with a light holding hair spray. Backcomb the ponytail and then gently grasping the ponytail twist it loosely around the base creating a soft disheveled bun. Encourage bits of hair to fall for a more organic end result. Finish by softly rubbing the palms of your hands over the surface for an additional light airy texture.

Above are three looks, a messy but chic topknot and a low sitting chignon that are perfect for evening (it works well with a statement necklace and cropped pants, or a cute dress), and a soft wave that’s ideal for daytime. So whether you’re enjoying a much-deserved date night with your husband or boyfriend or heading to work, try and embrace one of these styles into your regimen this week. Remember, it’s all about making your cut work for you.

(And if you’d rather let a professional give you a quick lesson first, head to your nearest ULTA salon, where they can recreate the look for you!)

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