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There’s one thing women want from their haircut: To look good all the time. Whether it’s on the weekend, at a formal gathering, at work, in the supermarket, or in the park, making sure your hair works to suit your lifestyle is important. The right cut can make you feel confident, prettier, and happier. But choosing the right cut is only half the battle. The other half? Learning how to style your locks so they suit your day, the occasion, your mood, and the rest of your look. My looks for Ulta are not only easy to maintain, they’re also super easy to style.

Mist hair generously from scalp to ends with Redken Layer Lift 07. Blow dry using a Denman Brush and finish with your fingers for a polished look that still has textur. Once the hair is dry use Redken Wax Blast 10 to enhance texture and pieceiness.

Apply Redken Guts 10 to damp hair. Use a flat boar bristle brush to smooth all of the hair away from the face. Blow dry directionally, taking very small sections and directing everything back, up and away. Flat iron sections around the edges to keep the look modern and piecey. Next, take a horseshoe shaped section from the top of the head to the crown (and a little below) and clip it out of the way. Smooth the sides back and secure very flat with criss-cross bobby pins. Take the crown section and round brush medium sized sections over directing the roots. Lightly backcomb the the top and crown before smoothing it back and over the pins.

The trick to making these bouncy curls look less pin-up-girl and more modern and fresh is the way the hair is curled and finished. Prepare the hair by using Redken guts 10 and blow dry with a round brush for volume. Curl the hair using a large barrel curling iron alternated with a medium barrel curling iron. Hold the end of the hair between your thumb and forefinger and smooth it around the barrel of the iron like a ribbon. Be sure to keep the ends of the hair straight by leaving them out of the curling iron. Once the hair is cool, sprinkle Redken Powder Grip into the hair and use your fingers to rough up and shape the hair into a final silhouette.

Many people assume that shorter hair means you can only have one style—down—but that’s just not the case. Take the above layered, blonde bob. It not only looks stunning straight, it can also be curled, crimped, and blown out, and changes its appearance dramatically when you play with texture. A choppy bob such as the look above can become very different when new textures are added. A little mousse can take a sleek style from office to dinner with friends simply by messing up a perfect look. A ponytail can go from day to night simply by changing its texture. Think sleek and straight in the office, and messy bed head for dinner.

So whether you’re styling curls to wear with a fun party dress and red lipstick for a well-deserved night out with the girls, pushing back your bangs for an edgy look on a trip to the farmers markets, or sleek and straight with cropped trousers and a silk blouse at the office, don’t be afraid to try experimenting with the texture, as well as the style, of your hair. Experiment, take risks, and try something new. After all, you can always change it! (And if you’d rather let a professional do it for you, head to your nearest Ulta salon).

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