As I was multi-tasking this morning drinking my second cup of coffee with my right hand and chucking the used filter ‘n its grinds with my left, I realized that I should share some unusual uses for both these items particularly being in the spirit of Earth Day.  So here are some fab uses for coffee filters and what gives us that oh-so-important jolt in the morning.  BTW:  Use recycled filters they’re just as good and good for Mother Earth!

  1. DEGREASER:  Next time you order that greasy egg roll or bring home those fries put them in a filter to absorb the grease.
  2. DE-SERVER:  Keep those nails in tact and forget those serving dishes at your next home soiree.  Use those flat filters for assorted nuts, trail mixes, cookies, candies and any other like items. And, use a plastic spoon as self-servers along with little cupcake liners for guests to put their portion into!
  3. DECANTER:  I’m renowned for cracking my cork upon opening so I use a filter to catch the cork as I pour it into a pitcher or a decanter.  TIP:  Do as I now do…buy screw-top bottles!
  4. DE-LINTER:  Paper towels leave lint when you clean so use a filter instead.
  5. DIFFUSER:  I prefer soft light to hide those little baggies under my eyes which seem to have found an all-too permanent home, so if sunglasses are not readily available simply put a filter over the flash which will soften the truth… I mean the light 🙂
  6. DE-STINKER:  Got foul smells in your fridge? Put a cup of used grinds in their for a day or two. Garlic-scent on your hands lasting past din din? Rub a dub a little and rinse with warm water. TIP:  Put some fresh grounds on floor and let your vac sip ’em up to get rid of musky smells.
  7. DE-SCRATCHER:  Get rid of small scratch marks on your wood furniture by mixing a paste of 1 tablespoon grinds to teaspoon water. (3:1) Gently rub paste into scratch with a soft cloth.  Let sit few minutes and buff away excess.
  8. DE-MESSER:  Sprinkle grounds over ashes in your fireplace before cleaning to limit a plume of dust (love that word ‘plume’!).  Let them sit there for about 15 minutes.  Feel free to take a coffee break while waiting!

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