With warmer weather in sight, we’re breaking out our cottons, lace and flip flops and packing away our cashmeres, wools and boots.  YEAH! But before you do that, I just wanted to share some tips to insure when cooler months return and you break out your fall and winter clothing from their summer hibernation, you don’t also find your fave cardigan sporting new holes courtesy of those flaky little pests AKA Moths!First a few facts about ’em.  They:

oHANG: in humid, dark corners and folds

oCOCOON:which enables them to blend into fabrics making then hard to spot

oEAT:wool, fur, down, dander (i.e. dead skin from ye and Fido)

oPROCREATE:they’re love machines and love to mate

Regardless, the point is moths breed as often as they can which means some ‘birth control’ is in order…need proof? Well here’s an interesting stat:

One female moth laying eggs can set the stage for future generations to lay 20 million eggs in just one year’s time

We will now run, not walk to learn how we can stop their mating madness:

  • SEAL STUFF: Keep clothing you’re packing away for the summer, or not using, in plastic sealed storage coverings and containers to prevent our little studs from finding a place to nest.
  • SUCK THEM UP: Vacuum regularly to get rid of dander and other stuff they like to eat.
  • GO LAVENDER -Lavender naturally repels moths though it doesn’t kill their eggs or larvae. Hang them from rods or place them in drawers.
  • HANG A BUNDLE OF CHALK—Chalk will help draw out the moisture in your closet, which will make it less attractive to these pests. Just keep it away from everything so it doesn’t get your stuff covered with its dust.
  • STUFF SHOES- Put some crumbled up newspaper into sneaks and any shoes that your feetsies perspire in to absorb the moisture, which will again make it less appealing a place for our moths to reside.
  • DEHUMIDIFY: If possible, keep a dehumidifier in or near your closet
  • LIGHT’S ON: Keep a light on-This sort of contradicts our eco-friendly efforts, but since they don’t like light it will help keep them away–Please remember to use only eco-friendly CFL bulbs!
  • FORGET VINTAGE: Don’t buy vintage clothing from re-sale shops or garage sales since the likelihood is they haven’t seen the light of day for years and are home to our sex magnets.

You can also try:

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  • CEDAR BLOCKS—Seems they’ve got some kind of oil that kill the larvae which is what destroys our clothes. It will not kill the moth or their eggs however—I don’t know about you but I think I need a refresher course in bug science?
  • PHEROMONE TRAPS –Ok, we all know they’re ‘love machines’ so the pheromones—which are a natural occurring chemical that triggers sexual response-speak to our studs nympho-maniac tendencies and cause them to come to mama or rather to the trap!

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