Get Inspired by Classic Beauty Looks

If time is a measure of success, than classic beauty looks that have lasted the ages are a great example. From a classic haircut to red nail polish, there are some beauty looks and products that work just as well in 2013 as they did in 1994. Here are some classic looks to take inspiration from today.

Brooke Shield’s Bold Brows

Bold brows have been having a moment on the catwalk for a few seasons now, and Brooke Shield’s was the original brow girl. We first got a glimpse of these famous beauties in Blue Lagoon, and while the ‘90s saw us all plucking everything we had, it looks like Brooke had the right idea all along.

Grace Kelly’s Nude Nails

Grace Kelly was (and still is!), an icon of beauty and style. She never followed trends or dyed her hair crazy colors, instead she favored a simple haircut, minimal makeup, and nude nails. One look at the Fall/Winter runways proves that although nail art will never go out of style, nude nails are back.

Lauren Hutton’s No-Makeup-Makeup Look

Lauren Hutton is known for her fresh-faced look. Think minimal blush, no eye-shadow, and a light coverage of foundation. Natural beauty never goes out of style.

Twiggy’s Spiky Lashes

Famous ‘60s model Twiggy was known for painting lashes along her lower lash line and piling on layers of faux lashes. The look was a worldwide hit, sparking dozens of copycats, and today, is just as popular.

Marilyn Monroe’s Red Lipstick

Marilyn Monroe had a few beauty trademarks: Her platinum blonde hair, her beauty mark, and her red lipstick. The starlet rarely went outside without lip color, and, year’s later, red lipstick is still an instant pick-me-up for women.

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