Hey Parents, What are Your Favorite Road Trip Snacks?

A lot of people will be hitting the road this weekend which means break out the car vacuum – road trip snacks are in order. Skipping fast food on the highway and packing a cooler not only saves money, but everyone will feel much better when you reach your destination. Some of my family’s favorite road trip snacks are popcorn, cereal, cut up fruit and veggies, grapes, cheese sticks, and I usually make some muffins and a sweet treat like cookies or brownies. I also try and bring some usually “forbidden” foods – ie, candy (Spree and Mentos are favorites around here), marshmallows, or yes, my kids love Pringles. I am sure to have set meal times when we have a long road trip, after which snacks are allowed so it’s not an all-day snacking fest and proper meals are consumed.

Here are some other road trip snack ideas – add your ideas or family’s favorites in the comments section!

-Make your own trail mix. The night before your trip set out zip lock bags and cereal, pretzels, dried fruit, nuts, chocolate chips, even m and ms – whatever your kids like –  and have your kids (and you!) mix up personalized trail mix car snacks. We also like home made granola (pictured above).

-Time-consuming snacks. Think apples, pistachios (in the shell), lollipops.

-Snacks on a budget. Try giving each of your kids a fixed amount of money – $10 – and have them shop for their own snacks – with some guidelines (ie, some healthy snacks must be part of the shopping trip).

-Beyond PB&J. A bagel and cream cheese sandwich, a graham crackers and nutella sandwich, or a waffle and PB&J sandwich all pack well and are a little more fun than your run of the mill packed school lunch fare.

What are your family’s favorite road trip snacks?

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