An Oily Situation

Let me share a little secret with you; I have a new favorite beauty product. And while you may be surprised, this little wonder has been available (and used), for centuries. I’m talking about oil. A little while ago I started using facial oil, and it seems the beauty world has been going crazy for oils too. Not just for your face (I’ve been using Indie Lee’s Squalane Facial Oil), oils are great for your skin, your hair, and your nails.  And honestly, can you think of nothing better than relaxing in a bath full of luxurious smelling oils and enjoying a glass of champagne? Here are my favorite oil products, with some tips on why they’re great for you.

Indie Lee Squalane Facial Oil, $32

Contrary to what most people believe, you actually need oil on your face. Most folks with oily skin try and remove the oil using harsh exfoliants or masks, which actually works against them. When skin is stripped of its natural oils it automatically produces more, causing skin to appear even oilier. Instead, use a facial oil every week as a mask or, if you have dry skin, every night. Indie’s version helps to reduce sunspots.

Frederic Fekkai Olive Oil Shampoo, $23

Hair gets dry very easily, and by using an oil-based shampoo you ensure that both your roots and your scalp (which is where great hair starts) are well hydrated.

The Art of Shaving Pre-Shave Lavender Oil, $25

Oils aren’t just for the girls. It’s extra important for guys to take care of their skin whilst shaving, and adding a pre-shave oil is a great idea. Not only will oil moisturize and hydrate skin, it helps to soften hairs and reduce inflammation. Plus, the lavender oil in this formula is great for calming sensitive skin.

Moroccon Oil Body Butter, $52

With an oil-based formula, this body butter is like a super-charged moisturizer for your skin. Anything oil-based is going to hydrate you more, and Moroccan Oil’s unique combination of Argan oils and shea, mango, and coconut butters will make sure every inch of you is silky soft.

CND Solar Oil,

Cuticle oil is essential for healthy nails. Our hands are exposed to the harshest elements every day and in order for them to look the best that they can they need extra care. Apply cuticle oil just before you go to bed, when there is plenty of time for your hands to absorb it.

Redken Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine,

Oil is the latest product to take the hair world by storm. Redken’s latest formula is designed to be left in your locks and works to reduce frizz and split ends, as well as improving the strength and health of your hair. Those with oily scalps should only apply at the ends of their locks, avoiding the roots.

Burt’s Bees Lemon and Vitamin E Bath and Body Oil, $8

While we look to water to hydrate, it actually does nothing when applied to the outside of our bodies. Skin is designed to repel water, whereas oil is easily absorbed.  This means that bath oil should become your new best friend. Not only is it incredibly relaxing, soaking in a bath with bath oil will nourish and hydrate skin better than outside moisturizer.

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