10 Sanity Saving Tips to Give Sand the Brush Off

Aaahhh, love lying in the sand- it’s so soft ‘n comfy and fun to play in.  Problem is it’s also a PITA since it creeps into every nook and cranny of our food, electronics and our feetsies, not to mention scratch our floors and get stuck in our carpet fibers. Well fear not, here are some simple ways to leave the sand where it belongs, unless you enjoy sleeping with those gritty granuals and constantly vacuuming and sweepin.

And for your viewing pleasure here’s my recent Today Show segment with my fab gal pals Kathie Lee ‘n Hoda whom helped me give sand the ‘brush off:


  • TRANSPORT: Line seats with towels or old sheet so all you have to do is simply shake out
    • Bring a large garbage bag to put wet towels into after you shake them out so you don’t trek it throughout house and can bring directly to laundry room
  • BEACH SEATING: Bring beach chairs or mats versus towels which are easy to shake out/wash off in ocean
  • SAND-PROOF FOOD:  Re-purpose Pringle containers for easy chomping and chucking so nuttin’ to bring home! Fill with:

·Carrot/celery sticks/breadsticks/low fat cheese sticks

·Frozen grapes and peach slices that you freeze nite before

·Sushi-style bite-sized sandwiches: Make a wrap of P & J, ham & cheese, or whatever your child’s fave sandwich is. Roll it up and slice.  This way if they drop one in the sand whole sandwich is ruined! Place wax paper between each or use mini cupcake holders or tin foil to separate in can

Or make it tres simple and sand-proof:  Buy food at the beach !


ELECTRONICS:  iPad, Kindle:

    • ZIP ‘EM:
      • If you apply suntan lotion use handy dandy baby wipes to clean your hands off so don’t smudge screen nor have sand stick to it
      • Place IPAD or Kindle into a freezer-sized Ziplock gallon bag with ‘slider’.  Make a small hole for your headphones if using them and connect BEFORE you get to the beach.
      • If sand gets in don’t plug in anything  i.e. headphones, chargers etc unless you wish to buy a new one since warranties don’t cover ‘accidental beach’ faux pas J
        • Sand in speaker part: Tap ‘n shake gently
        • Use toothbrush to get into small areas (preferably not the one you used in morning!) since it’s soft and won’t scratch anything
          • Alt:  Blow-dry on cool/low setting to blow out and not push in.  You can also try using a can of compressed air as you do for your computer keyboard.


  • MESH IS BEST:  Put all toys in a mesh bag so you can wash out easily and they can dry thoroughly to avoid mold ‘n mildew from forming


  • SHAKE, SHAKE, SHAKE: Kids love to collect them but often half of their collected treasure is sand.  So bring a colander from home to rinse and shake out the sand or I love these Dacron sail cloth bags from Hayden Reis that are tres chic and naturally let the sand fall out!


And our numero uno sand trap is our kiddies and us!  Here are some simple sanity saving ways to give sand the ‘brush off’:

oSHOWER OR TOWEL-Many beaches have an outdoor shower near the entrance/exits so rinse off as much sand as you can! If not use a clean, dry towel to rub a dub off!

oBABY IT!:  Use baby powder to get rid of dry sand.  It absorbs any moisture left making it easy to remove…Be sure to sprinkle some between your toes and use a small soft brush to help remove.  Put a bunch in your hands and work through your hair as well then shake out.

oCheck out these handy dandy convenient ‘n cute Powder Pouches which look and work great plus are giving a percentage of sales to help Hurricane Sandy victims.

oBTW:  Baking soda also works in a pinch

Happy Fourth ‘n summer…Here’s to spreading the glove ‘n not the sand!

Julie Edelman aka The Accidental Housewife is the go to gal for easy; real life time, money, and energy saving tips that maintain our home, family and manicure. She appears regularly on the Today Show with Kathie Lee ‘n Hoda, Rachael Ray, and The Doctors.  Julie has penned a New York Times best-selling book as well as The Ultimate Accidental Housewife: Your Guide to a Clean Enough House; contributes weekly for; is the sanity saving editor for Beautiful Design Made Simple Magazine; has a webisode series for Fox News Magazine, and hosts Julie’s Tips.

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