Summer Beauty Fix-Its

Summer is hot and sweaty for everyone, and even I notice more frizz in my hair and perspiration on my brow! Luckily, there are plenty of things to stop you looking as hot as you feel. I’ve picked up these handy tips from makeup artists over the years, and am sharing them with you below!

For Greasy Looking Skin:

Begin your makeup routine with a mattifying primer. A primer will help your makeup stay in place and reduce the amount of oil your skin produces throughout the day. Wear your hair down? Leaving strands to hang around your face (and bangs in particular), can cause greasy foreheads, which leads to clogged pores, which leads to acne! Carry blotting papers around with you to help reduce shine.

To Tame Your Strands:

Your hair can go one of two ways in summer. It can get dirtier more quickly due to the heat, or summer showers can make it frizzy. If you’re the greasy kind, looking at adding a dry shampoo to your medicine cabinet. A few spritzes will absorb any oil and save you a wash. For frizzy ladies, look for a de-frizzing serum.

To Stop Your Makeup From Running:

Heat makes you sweat, and sweat causes your makeup to run, so how do we stop it? In addition to using a primer (see my first tip), opt for powder or cream based products instead of liquids. Use a pressed powder compact instead of liquid foundation, lip stain instead of lipstick, and finish everything off with a dusting of translucent powder.

To keep You Cool:

Keep cool by storing your beauty products in the fridge! Facial mists, eye creams and moisturizers can give you a relief when applied to warm skin. Also look for products with cooling ingredients. Think cucumber extract, aloe, green tea, and marine botanicals to help soothe and calm flushed skin.

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