Beauty Flashback: Looks We Never Thought We’d See Again

There are plenty of beauty looks we’d rather leave in the past: Blue eyeshadow, perms, blue rinses. But in the world of beauty and fashion, everything comes back around again. We’ve been noticing plenty of looks back on the streets (and the catwalk) in the past few months, and we never thought we’d see them back again! Check out some of the most shocking below!

The Perm

While images of crazy poodle-hair perms may still haunt us, a textured wave today is a super chic look. A little less crazy, a little more defined, the perm is back in vogue.

Blue Eyeshadow

We all know never to pair blue eyeshadow with frosted pink lipstick (thanks to the 80’s!), but the past few fashion seasons have seen blue eyeshadow make a comeback! The trick is to use colored mascara or faint blue eye liner as opposed to covering your entire lid.

The Blue Rinse

It used to be that only your Grandma dyed her hair blue and violet, but coloring your locks has never been more popular. From Katy Perry to Kelly Osbourne, grandma hair color shades are making a comeback!

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