10 New Ways to Use Tennis Balls and Racquets at Home

Once an aspiring tennis player, I always enjoyed the thrill of hitting an ace. Those days are long gone and clearly I never became a Serena or Venus Williams, Billy Jean King or Chris Evert. Instead I’ve traded in my love of tennis for finding unusual ways to use its most important equipment… ye ole tennis ball and racquet. So as I watch the 132nd US Open and remain in awe of the incredible talent and my lack thereof, I thought I’d serve up 10 of my favorite uses for them.

1.Fluffs: Toss a ball in your dryer before turning it on to fluff comforters and reduce static cling…. WARNING:  depending on how much laundry is in there, the sound may cause a headache!

2.Buffs: Throw one into your laundry the next time you’re washing your shower curtain along with a cupful of vinegar.  The ball acts as a scrub to remove scum ‘n mildew and the white vinegar will kill any mold. LOVE THAT!!!

3.Scuffs: I love my stilettos but they can leave scuff marks on my kitchen floor.  Simply cut an X in a tennis ball and place on the handle of your broom. Then simply flip and rub those scuffs out.  Dancing as you do so is optional!

4.Sucks: Bounce one into your pool every few days to absorb the oils from suntan lotion.

5.Repels: Cover one in Vaseline and hang it on a bush or tree to keep flies away.

6.Traps: Cut a ball in half and fill with beer to trap slugs.

7.Massages: Put three in a sock and tie the end. Then put it betwixt your back and a wall to massage your back.  I still prefer a good set of paws massaging me but this is a simple alternative.

8.Saves: Cut a slit large enough to insert any loose change. Keep one in the laundry room for all that laundered money! Can also have your kiddies craft one into a Ducky or Piggy (use pink balls) for their own savings!

9.Cleans: Cover racquet head with old cloth or micro-fiber.  Secure with a scrunchie and spray with your fave household cleaner to get to hard to reach spots like under your refrigerator, between cabinets, etc.

10.Swatter: No, not for flies since the racquet’s holes are too big (unless the flies in your area are on steroids, and in that case MOVE!!). Use it to swat sand out of towels and blankets from the beach.

Bonus:Don’t forget your good ole tennis can. Use them to store and organize pens and pencils, small toys, silverware, paper clips and more!

Image courtesy of PetteriO

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