7 Essential Resources for Stress-Free School Lunches

School is back in session and our lunch expert J.M. Hirsch’s new book “Beating the Lunch Box Blues,” published by Rachael Ray Books is out on bookshelves today. To celebrate, we’re rounding up some of our favorite J.M. posts.

Here are seven essential resources for stress-free, quick, simple and affordable lunches.

1 – School is Coming… Time to Gear up – Everything you need to know about lunch boxes, thermoses, food containers and water bottles.

2 – Gearing up for School Lunch Duty– Tips and tricks for packing lunches so they stay fresh and safe.

3 – Strategic Leftovers? 8 Ways to Stay Sane While Packing Lunch– Some dinner leftovers can be repurposed better than others. Here are eight foods that will make that task much simpler.

4 – Lunch Packing Made Easy, One Grain of Rice at a Time– Rice makes for super-strategic leftovers that can become a very simple to make lunch.

5 – The Elvis (and 9 Other Lunch-Friendly Uses for Hot Dog Buns)– Here are 10 really creative and yummy ways to serve lunch on a hot dog bun.

6 – Drink Up! 9 Healthy Choices (Other Than Water) – Here are 9 picks for fun and delicious drink choices you can pack without guilt.

7 – 7 Lunch Duty Lessons I Learned the Hard Way– J.M. shares shares his lunch-time highs and lows.

Pick up your copy of “Beating the Lunch Box Blues” here.

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