Pizza Night! 5 Quick and Easy Recipes

Thinking about ordering in a pizza? Think again! Making pizza is a quick, easy and fun activity that brings the whole family together.

Here are five flavorful recipes. For more quick and easy recipes, check out our Quick Meals section.

1. Wingless buffalo chicken pizza – A delicious combo of two of our favorite classics: buffalo wings and pizza! Need we say more?

2. Red onion kalamata and feta pizza – Add a Greek twist to your next pizza for a change of pace!

3. Lasagna bread pizza – A recreation of one of Rachael’s favorite childhood dishes; Serve this combo of bread pizza and lasagna, without pasta alongside salad.

4. Broccoli rabe pizza bread – Layer seasoned broccoli rabe and a three-cheese mix over a loaf of fresh ciabatta bread and bake for a mouth-watering pizza.

5. Zucchini pizza – Inspired by a pizza purchased by Rachael in Rome, this recipe is a must-try!

Bonus: Have some extra dough and a few extra minutes? Try these garlic knots.

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