5 Creative Ways to Fix Sticky Situations Around the House

You know those little annoying stickers that ruin your manicure when you try to get them off? Or that jar of jam that no matter how hard you try to twist it off just stays stuck?  Well, you don’t have to be annoyed or blue in the face any longer!  Here are some simple ways to deal with these ‘sticky situations!’

1. Zippers: Write On!

Whether it’s boots, backpacks, pocketbooks, your wallet or jeans, after a while the zipper can lose its ‘zip’ and get stuck.  What it needs is a ‘lil lubrication added to its ‘teeth.’ So grab that ChapStick, petroleum jelly or even a pencil (graphite is an amazing dry lubricant). Rub up and down several times, then clean any residue with a clean cloth!

2. Locks: Take Aim!

Key getting stuck in the lock?  Take aim and give your lock a shot of cooking spray. Next, jiggle your keys in the lock a few times and your lock should be good to go!  Btw: Cooking spray is also a terrific and quick nail polish dryer!!

3. Labels: Bring Out the Mayo!

I can’t tell you how many nails I’ve ruined trying to peel the price tag off my latest HomeGoods find or new wine glasses. But no longer, since I’ve discovered these mani-friendly alternatives you probably have in your kitchen cabinet:

Mayo:  Coat the tag or label with mayonnaise and let it sit for a few minutes. Then use a clean rag to remove the tag.  If there’s a little residue left, spritz it with some alcohol to cut the goo and leave the glass, or whatever you bought, sparkling clean.

Vinegar:  You can also soak a cloth in white vinegar and let it sit on the label or use good ole baby oil, which will dissolve the residue! For labels on the bottom of glasses, I like to heat the vinegar for 20 seconds in my microwave and then place the stem of the glass in the bowl to remove it.

4. Jars:  Anyone for Tennis?

I don’t know about you, but I get so frustrated when I’m trying to open a jar and it won’t budge. I try tapping it on the end of a counter, turning it ‘til I turn blue but it just won’t open.

Then I found a simple solution: Simply take an old tennis ball and cut it in half—carefully, please! I may be the accidental housewife but only as it relates to how I became one. Then slip it over the sealed lid, twist and turn. The rubber inside the tennis ball works as a wonderful grip! BTW if you have a pair of rubber gloves or rubber bands that will work, too!

5. Bubble Gum:  Soft as Buttah!

Before you snip those locks and start pulling out your hair when your lil one comes home with some bubble gum in their hair, here’s a tasty solution:  Peanut butter …the oilier, the better!

Put some on your toothbrush (yum) and brush the gum-ified area downward until it’s dissolved. Use a little at a time. Shampoo when finito. You and your lil one eating a spoonful or two is up to you!

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Bubblegum image courtesy of MRHSFan; Tennis balls image courtesy of Horla Varlan; lock and key image courtesy of dewitt, Flickr.

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