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Welcome to the Weekly Meal Planner! Whether you work all day and are out of steam when the dinner hour hits, or are fresh out of  ideas and in a cooking rut, we are here to make your life easier. Note: We’ll include tips for picky eaters and easy food swaps if you don’t have an ingredient on-hand.

Here are some picks for the Thanksgiving holiday, plus meals that work perfectly for guests. Have a great week, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Meatless Monday

Lunch: Brussels Sprouts Caesar Salad will make a sprouts lover out of anyone!

Dinner: Treat your family to total comfort food with this Mushroom Lovers Polenta-Topped Shepherd’s Pie. No one will miss the meat!

Snack: Kick off Thanksgiving week with these seasonal Pumpkin Corn Muffins.


Lunch: Chipotle Chicken Tortilla Salad comes together in a snap – make it even faster and used leftover or rotisserie chicken.

Dinner: Pasta Night! Spaghetti with Salami and Fennel is a grownup treat. Don’t want to cook with alcohol? Replace it with chicken stock or broth.

Dessert: Plan B Mom’s Starbucks Oat Fudge Bars are a one-pan wonder and keep well for up to four days. You can enjoy them all week long!


Lunch: BLT and Deviled Egg Sandwiches take two sandwich classics and combine them into one new fabulous lunch.

Dinner: A steak dinner is a great way to kick off the Thanksgiving holidays – and take a break from the turkey-filled days ahead. Drunken Steaks with Twice-Baked Peppercorn Fries will bring a fancy steakhouse to your kitchen.

Snack: Fake-Out Mini Lasagnas are adorable and impressive.


Thanksgiving Meal: Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy our favorite holiday – it’s all about food, friends and family today.

Some new recipes to try:

Sausage, Chestnut and Apple Stuffing is a fresh take on stuffing with apples and chestnuts. Plus it couldn’t be easier – you use a stuffing mix.

Everyone will love Blue Cheese Ranch Mashed Potatoes – parsnips are your secret ingredient here.

Slow Cooker Savory Sweet Potato Bake  and Slow Cooker Green Bean Casserole are Thanksgiving lifesavers – you cook them in the slow cooker, freeing up valuable oven space!

Want more? Check out all of Rachael’s picks for Thanksgiving here.


Brunch: Croque Monsieur with Fresh Spinach is a special brunch for the day after Thanksgiving.

Dinner: BBQ Turkey or Chicken Gumbo is a great way to repurpose your leftover turkey in a spicy and hearty soup. If you’re worried about spiciness, omit the hot sauce and jalapeños.

Cocktail: John’s Old-Fashioned is a classic drink that’s perfect to enjoy with friends and family.


Brunch: Kids – and adults – will go bananas for these Dark Chocolate Chip Bacon Pancakes with (yes!) bacon cooked right inside.

Dinner: Baked pasta with a twist, Mile-High Lasagna is made in a loaf pan for extra thick slices.

Snack: Sweet and Salty Kettle Corn brings this fair favorite to your home.


Brunch: Ham, eggs, and cheese baked in a delicious roll will be a new family favorite with these Carbonara Rolls.

Dinner: Lamb Meatballs and Toasted Orzo is a healthy and delicious Sunday supper – there’s spinach tucked into the meatballs. Ground turkey, chicken, or even beef are all perfect substitutes for the lamb if you’d like.

Dessert: Deluxe Ice Cream Pie is delicious all year ’round – make it in advance with your family’s favorite ice cream!

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