9 All-American Foods Reinvented

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American food is a wonderful, scrumptious blend of cooking styles and flavors as diverse as its people.

Out of this awesome melting pot of cuisines, there are a few classic, tried-and-true “All-American” dishes that we’ve all enjoyed at one time or another. Think: Meatloaf. Burgers. Hot dogs. Apple pie. They’re foods meant for sharing around a dinner – or picnic – table with the people you (hopefully!) love most.

Rachael has an amazing knack for putting new twists on old classics. We pulled a few that take the best of Americana, mix it up, and serve it back to you – better than ever!

Buffalo Turkey Sloppy Joes

Sloppy Joes just make the world go ’round. Who doesn’t have memories of being a kid and eating this sandwich that was meant to be messy. Take a break from formal dinner with this fantastic version from Rach, which incorporates flavors and styles from your favorite bar food, too.

Meatloaf Burgers

We’re not sure what’s more “All-American” than hearty meatloaf or a juicy burger. But putting the two together? Now that’s just awesome.

Park’s Finest™ Cracked Dijon Mustard Frankfurter with Kimchi Chow Chow

Southern chow chow gets a new twist and hot dogs are kicked up a notch in this fresh take on American summer fare, which Rachael introduced at her Feedback festival this year. Spicy seasonings and kimchi tang, along with the crisp pop of fresh corn, will have you asking for seconds. If you can, find fancier buns like brioche (pictured here) or seeded versions that make plain hot dog buns a thing of the past.

10-Flavor Double-Dipped Buttermilk Fried Chicken

Coriander, mustard, cayenne, thyme, and allspice are just a few of the seasonings that give this fried chicken a serious upgrade. Try serving with honey or hot sauce (or both!) to change up this favorite chicken dinner.

BLT Mashed Potatoes (Plus, 9 Variations)

Tomatoes, bacon, and leeks will have everyone scooping a few more of these mashies onto their plates. BLT flavors make everything better (seriously), and if you want to get even more adventurous, Rachael has nine more ways to mix up her basic potato and parsnip base.

Deviled Egg Salad

Deviled eggs are one of Rachael’s favorites. Potato salad is one of America’s. Put them together in this dish for a hearty and filling bite that works perfectly for lunch or dinner. Yes, please!

Creole-Style Chili

New Orleans, meet your new best friend: Southwestern chili. Andouille sausage beefs up (no pun intended) this classic stew. And watch out, it’s spicy!

Chipotle BBQ Turkey Mini-Meatloaves

OK, OK, so we already had a meatloaf mention. But it’s such a staple, and this recipe’s worth another take. Not only is classic meatloaf reimagined by using turkey, but smoky BBQ and chipotle pepper flavors are incorporated for a BBQ twist that’s as American as, well…

Apple Pie Sundaes

The name really says it all. Brandied, hot apple slices lend depth and rich flavor to a sundae layered with ice cream, a cookie, whipped cream and caramel. All-American, a la mode!

What are your favorite American classics? Tell us in the comments below!

[Top photo by Brian Lahiere]

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