4 Ways to Say Hello to Spring

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Wow. It’s finally getting nice outside.

We can all agree that it’s been a long, drawn-out winter. A cold, shivery, snowy, winter. Isn’t it time that we cast off our coats and celebrate spring?

We can’t wait to get outside, breathe deeply, and not wear 17 layers. Here are a few ways you can enjoy with us:

1. Get Your Grill Out

There’s nothing better than getting to enjoy great weather and make great food when you grill al fresco.

Don’t have a grill handy? Go make friends with your neighbors (the ones with the awesome roof deck!) or check out public spaces like your local park where BBQs might be handy. Before you go, read up on our Grill Guide for some basic know-how.

2. Go to a Music Festival

Spring and summer are primetime for music festivals. Get your daily dose of sunshine, hear amazing bands, and nosh on local fare that’s crazy delicious. If Coachella and beach balls aren’t your thing (we seriously understand), hunt around for free spring concert festivals in your local park.

Pack a picnic, grab some pals, and breathe the fresh air. And while you’re prepping, tune into our favorite jams from Rachael’s very own music festival, Feedback.

3. Hit a Baseball Game

America’s Pastime is in full-swing (pun definitely intended) and there’s nothing like enjoying a beautiful Saturday outside, eating peanuts, and rooting for the home team.

To bring the ballpark home, invite your friends over, whip up your own fancy hot dog, open the windows, and yell at the ump on your screen. It’s basically the same thing – just from the comfort of your couch. If you cook it, they will come!

4. Get Your Garden On

Dirt. Sunshine. Food. These are just a few of the things you can look forward to if you garden. And you seriously don’t even need your own space for it – find a community garden where you live and team up with a few friends. It’s great exercise, and you’ll have the freshest food around for ideal seasonal dishes.

But you might want to leave your puppy at home…just saying.

Are you celebrating the turning of the season? Share your favorite spring pastime below!

[Top image via Flickr / banoootah_qtr]

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