Weekly Meal Planner: Make Your Own Take-Out Favorites!

Welcome to the Weekly Meal Planner! Whether you work all day and are out of steam when the dinner hour hits, or are fresh out of ideas and in a cooking rut, we are here to make your life easier. 

This week, we’ve picked some delicious recipes inspired by take-out favorites like Thai-style chicken wraps, sliders, deli sandwiches and fish sticks. We guarantee these MYOTO (Make Your Own Take-Out) dishes will be even more delicious when you make them at home. Bonus: Since you’re in charge, your MYOTO dishes can be healthier than their restaurant-made counterparts – they’ll also be less expensive, too!

If you ever need meal ideas, feel free to ask us in the comments, on Facebook, or on Twitter.

Meatless Monday

Lunch: Artichoke Fritatta is a delicious spring meal that can be made ahead and enjoyed cold, room temperature or hot. Plus, leftovers keep very well so you can enjoy later in the week.

Dinner: Butternut Squash and Parsley Penne is a hearty Meatless Monday meal. If you can find pre-cut squash at the market, meal prep is made even easier.

Snack: You’ll never buy prepared pico de gallo again once you see how easy it is when you make these bright and flavorful Veggie Delight Nachos.


Lunch: You can use any leftover grilled veggies you have – just make sure to stack ’em high – to assemble this delicious Great Grilled Vegetable Sandwich.

Dinner: Who doesn’t love sliders? Make everyone happy tonight when you serve Bloody Bull Burgers with Crunchy Ketchup.

Dessert: No one will be able to resist (we dare ya!) Cheesecake Brownies.


Lunch: Bratwurst Reubens with Sweet ‘n Sour Red Cabbage are a creative take on the classic sandwich.

Dinner: Use the white fish of your choice for these family-friendly Crispy Fish Sticks with Parm Cheese and Parsley Caper Sauce.

Snack: It doesn’t have to be football season to enjoy Pigskin Meatballs. Freeze any leftovers to enjoy later!


Lunch: Make a deli sandwich favorite – Cobb Clubs – for your at-home or brown bag lunch today.

Dinner: Everything Chicken Schnitzel with Ranch-Style Creamy Veggies is a complete meal that echoes the flavors of “everything” cream cheese – delish!

Snack: A quick and easy homemade tapenade is the star of Olive Rosemary Crostini.


Lunch: Curry Chicken Salad sandwiches are fragrant and satisfying. And, Rachael uses Greek-style yogurt in place of mayo for a healthier swap.

Dinner: Make at-home take-out for dinner tonight – Chicken, Pepper and Basil Lettuce Wraps with Thai BBQ Sauce are lighter on your waistline…and your wallet! The recipe works well with ground turkey or pork, too.

Dessert: Be creative and use the jam of your choice when you bake these Rainbow Shortbread Sticks.

Entertaining Saturday

Brunch: Ham and Spinach Hash with Fried Eggs is an all-in-one meal you can enjoy at any time of day. If you are in a pinch, you can substitute deli ham for the ham steak.

Dinner: Tuna Steaks with Nicoise Potatoes is a restaurant-worthy meal that’s perfect for entertaining.

Cocktail: Mix up your traditional mojito this evening with a Refreshing Mint and Lime Sparkler that uses vodka instead of rum.

Family Sunday

Brunch: Try something new for brunch today and serve Brunch Burgers! Who needs a McMuffin when you’ve got these delish sammies!

Dinner: Not your typical lasagna, Posole Mexican Lasagna takes a favorite soup and turns it into a tortilla-based, cheesy baked casserole. Delicioso!

Dessert: Go big on dessert tonight and impress your family with a Mixed Fruit Pavlova.

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