5 Tacos for Cinco de Mayo

Why is it so fun to eat tacos?

Maybe it’s the build-your-own-dinner aspect, or that they’re hand-held. Perhaps it’s how customizable they are, or that there are endless ways to enjoy them.

I grew up in Phoenix, where seriously authentic Mexican food (along with seriously delicious twists on these flavors) were a staple. You should never need a good excuse to make and eat tacos, but since Cinco de Mayo is here, I suggest you whip up a few of these, grab a few friends to share the fare, and enjoy!

Oh yeah, and don’t forget a cocktail! Check out John’s Tomato Margarita (with fennel salt and agave – yes!).

Sliced Steak Tacos with Bloody Maria Salsa

Simple and spicy. You’ll love ’em!

Spanish Fish Tacos

For seafood lovers everywhere – tacos with a Spanish twist!

Braised Pork Tacos

These tacos were featured at one of Rachael’s Feedback festivals. Thousands of people ate them – I promise you’ll love them too.

Surf and Turf Mexican Soft Tacos

The fun with these tacos is all the homemade fixin’s, like picked red onions, horseradish sour cream, and salsa.

Flank Steak Tacos

A great, traditional taco.  You can substitute chicken in these if you like.

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