5 Impressive (and Easy!) Mother’s Day Recipes

Moms are awesome – this is a given. They do so much for us, it seems only right to give them a day to show you care (although I’d advocate that they deserve more than that!).

I also know that our moms love to see us succeed and do well. If your mom is like mine, there’s a special pride in getting to say “My kid did that!” (even if you’re not really a kid anymore).

This Mother’s Day, show your mom you care and that you can cook with these brunch recipes that are just the right balance of impressive and easy.

Fresh Fruit + Homemade Ricotta

Making your own cheese looks totally impressive. This recipe for Homemade Ricotta is quite simple, and all it requires is four ingredients, plus a bit of time.

I recommend whipping this up the day before and then serving with her favorite fresh fruit for an easy addition to brunch on Mom’s Day.

Baked Birds in a Nest

Baked eggs in Italian bread nests covered with a tomato sauce and topped with pancetta is a meal that’s wonderful any time of day.

But I love these for Mother’s Day brunch because they’re just so pretty due to the lovely contrast of yellow egg yolk plus green herbs and red tomato sauce. Rach even gives you directions for plating them so they come out just right!

Raspberries and Yogurt with Buttermilk Crepes

These crepes aren’t as sweet as you’d think, lending more savory flavors to brunch. While crepes can be a little tricky if you don’t know the secret (getting your pan at just the right temperature), if you follow this recipe, and you’ll be a crepe expert in no-time!

Carbonara Nests

How cool do these Carbonara Nests look? The secret here is baking them in muffin tins so they hold their individually sized shape. They’re also surprisingly quick to prepare – a wonderful attribute if you’re always running behind like me!

Foolproof Cinnamon Swirl Quick Bread

Even if you aren’t a baker, this quick bread recipe is simple enough for anyone to try. It’s also easy to make ahead, although we can’t deny that the  smell of baking sweets and cinnamon won’t make Mother’s Day morning just a bit cozier!

What are you planning on making for Mother’s Day? Tell us in the comments!

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