Five 5-Minute Weekday Egg Breakfasts

Who doesn’t love a hot breakfast?

Scrambled eggs, pancakes, and french toast all beat a cold bowl of cereal or a lonely slice of buttered toast in the breakfast department. I think that egg dishes are often relegated to the “weekend” category because they take too long (i.e., you have to turn the stove on).

It’s time to debunk that myth. Eggs are actually incredibly quick to prepare, and with a few flavorful ingredients on hand, you can whip up a tasty breakfast in no time. It’s time to move eggs to the “weekday” category!

Here are five simple and delicious 5-minute egg dishes perfect for weekday breakfasts:

Bacon, Egg, Cheese and Spinach Breakfast Sandwich


2 slices bacon, cooked

1 egg

Salt and pepper

Handful of fresh spinach leaves

1 sandwich roll, sandwich thin or English muffin

Preheat a non-stick frying pan over medium high heat and spray with non-stick cooking spray. After you crack an egg into the pan, reduce the heat to medium low. Fry the egg for 4 to 5 minutes, flip it, turn off the heat, and add some salt and pepper. While the eggs are cooking, toast the roll or muffin. Layer the spinach, egg and bacon on the roll or muffin, and enjoy!

Ham, Egg and Tomato Breakfast Bowl


1 slice deli ham, chopped

1/4 cup chopped tomato

1 egg, beaten

Salt and pepper

1 tablespoon shredded cheese

Preheat a non-stick frying pan over medium high heat and spray with non-stick cooking spray. Add the ham, sautee for a minute, and add the egg. Stir for another minute or so, until the egg is almost cooked to your liking, then add the tomato and cheese. Stir for another minute or so until cooked. Season with salt and pepper and enjoy!

Breakfast Burrito


2 eggs beaten with a splash of water
Salt and pepper

1 slice cheese (Jalapeño cheese is great here!)

1/4 avocado, chopped

1/4 cup salsa
1 8- or 10-inch flour tortilla (Whole wheat is a great option, too!)

Preheat a non-stick frying pan over medium heat and spray with non-stick cooking spray. Pour eggs into the pan and when they begin to set, use a wooden spoon and stir the eggs to prevent sticking. When the eggs are almost cooked, season with salt and pepper and place the slice of cheese on top, turn off the heat, and cover the pan for a minute to melt the cheese. Place the eggs topped with cheese in the middle of the tortilla, and top with avocado and salsa. Fold into a burrito and serve immediately.

Mashed Soft-Boiled Egg on Toast


1 egg

Salt and pepper

1 slice wheat bread


Place the egg in a small sauce pan, cover with water to two inches above the egg and bring to a boil over high heat. Cover the pan and take off the heat for 2 – 3 minutes, depending on how soft you like your egg. While the egg is cooking, toast and butter the bread. Crack the soft-boiled egg, remove it from the shell, place on top of the toast and mash lightly with a fork. Season with salt and pepper and serve immediately.

Toad in the Hole


1 slice of bread
1 egg
Salt and pepper

Cut a small hole out of the center of the slice of bread using a cookie or biscuit cutter or juice glass. Preheat a small non-stick frying pan over medium-low heat. Melt a pat of butter in the pan, place the slice of bread and the leftover bread round in the pan, and carefully crack the egg into the hole in the bread. Season with salt and pepper. Cook for about 1 1/2 – 2 minutes or until the bottom side is golden brown. Carefully flip the bread and the round and continue to cook until the other side is golden, another minute or so. Serve immediately and use the bread round for dipping!

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