A Simple Memorial Day Menu Anyone Can Make

Normally, big holidays that involve lots of houseguests (and feeding them) are stressful. There’s just too much to do and think about to really get to enjoy the festivities, especially if you’re hosting.

But to me, Memorial Day is the exception to the rule. There’s a casual elegance to a weekend that, from a food perspective, is focused on outdoor feasts shared with family and friends. Everyone’s too relaxed – and the sunshine feels too good! – for much fuss.

This menu is inspired by that mood. And, absolutely anyone can make these recipes. I’ve even picked options that will suit meat-eaters and veggies alike, in case you’re entertaining guests with different diets. Hopefully it will allow you to enjoy the weekend and spend your extra energy saying thank you to all the service men and women who we honor.

Have a safe and fun Memorial Day! And let us know what you’re making in the comments!

Appetizing Appetizer: Avocado Ranch Dipper

If you like avocado, and you like ranch, welcome to heaven. Delicious with chips, veggies, or crackers, this Avocado Ranch Dipper is divine for summertime eats and treats. It’s also packed with healthy ingredients like Greek yogurt, herbs, and of course, avocado.

If you’re in the mood for a few more appetizers, try a spin on hummus like this spicy Cilantro-Jalapeño Bean Dip or a refreshing twist on salsa with Watermelon Salsa.

Meaty Main: Strip Steak Tagliata with Burst Tomato Pizzaiola and Baby Spicy Greens Salad

This recipe looks absolutely beautiful and impressive but is a cinch to pull off. Don’t miss Rachael’s tips to let your steak come to room temperature before grilling (and to have some patience with those tomatoes!) for a perfect plate.

If You’re Skipping Red Meat: Bacon Bit Turkey Burgers with Peach Barbecue Ketchup

Homemade ketchup? Now you’re really looking like a pro! Bonus tip: Grate your onion right into the turkey to keep it moist as these burgers cook.

No Meat? No Problem: Grilled Eggplant and Roasted Tomato Sliders with Spicy Tahini

You won’t miss the meat with these vegan-friendly sliders. They’re super satisfying with spicy tahini, crisp lettuce, and a “meaty” bite from the eggplant. These even feature an extra twist with roasted tomatoes, which your guests will go crazy over!

Refreshing Dessert: Watermelon Ice Pops

Homemade popsicles sound more than perfect for an outdoor meal. But what makes these pops even better is how simple they are to make: Cut up a seedless watermelon, pop sticks into the slices, and freeze!

If you’re loving this theme, try these simple Frozen Melon Bites.

Fizzy Fun: Refreshing Mint and Lime Sparkler

This mojito-style drink uses vodka instead of rum. Its mint and lime flavors will dazzle your tastebuds!

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