Fire Up the Grill with this Weekly Meal Planner

Welcome to the Weekly Meal Planner! Whether you work all day and are out of steam when the dinner hour hits, or are fresh out of ideas and in a cooking rut, we are here to make your life easier. 

This week, we’re firing up the grill and featuring recipes that take dinner prep outside – from burgers to pork chops to steaks. Treat your family to a special Sunday dinner, and check out the Greek-inspired steak dinner, too!

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Meatless Monday

Lunch: Who doesn’t love Caesar Salad? This classic is a great way to kick off the week. If you’re brown-bagging, just pack the salad and dressing separately and toss when you’re ready to dig in.

Dinner: You’ll never miss the meat with these totally satisfying Grilled Eggplant and Roasted Tomato Sliders with Spicy Tahini.

Snack: Super-Simple, Kid-Friendly Smoothies are the perfect healthy snack, breakfast or dessert. Use whatever fruit you have on-hand for an easy treat.


Lunch: Kids young and old will be happy campers at lunch today. Lunchtime DIY Pizza Kit, Part 1 is inexpensive, packs well, can be customized for even the pickiest eater.

Dinner: Pair this fresh and flavorful Quick Fennel Slaw with grilled turkey burgers or chicken breasts for a fast and easy weeknight meal.

Dessert: Small Strawberries with Lemon is a fresh and simple springtime dessert.


Breakfast: Think you don’t have time for a hot breakfast on a hectic weekday morning? Think again! These Five 5-Minute Weekday Egg Breakfasts leave cold cereal in the dust.

Dinner: Pilaf with Saffron is a fantastic all-in-one dinner. Try poaching your own chicken, which makes the meat and broth for this recipe.

Snack: Homemade salsa verde is the star of Chicken Verde Nachos. Note: The salsa is a delicious sauce for burgers, grilled steaks and chops, too!


Lunch: Grilled Portobella Muffaletta Pizzas are a zesty lunch with a twist – beefy portobello mushrooms takes the place of the crust!

Dinner: Tingly Chicken and Greens Noodle Bowl is another super-tasty MYOTO (Make Your Own Take-Out). If you are in a pinch, you can use ground turkey or even pork in place of the chicken.

Snack: You’ll never buy granola bars again once you make these totally satisfying Simple No-Bake Oat Bites.


Lunch: Meatballs and Rice in Broth is a light and delicious take on the classic Italian Wedding Soup. The homemade pilaf makes this soup a standout.

Dinner: Fire up the grill because it’s burger night! Philly Burgers are the classic Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich in a burger – yum!

Dessert: BLCC: Berries, Lemon Curd Cakes are a fabulous no-bake dessert and a perfect way to kick off the weekend. Sponge cakes, lemon curd, berries and whipped cream transform into a restaurant-worthy dessert.

Entertaining Saturday

Brunch: Magnificent Croques Madames live up to their name, and fig jam and prosciutto make this dish extra special.

Dinner: Grilled Pork Chops with Scallions, Ginger and Herbs are perfect for entertaining. Serve with broccolini and some crusty bread, and you have a no-fuss company dinner.

Cocktail: Savory Spritzer Cocktails are the best wine spritzer you’ll ever have!

Family Sunday

Brunch: Pecan Cinnamon Pancakes are special flapjacks with homemade apple cinnamon maple sauce.

Dinner: This Greek-inspired complete meal is perfect for Sunday supper. The whole family will love Spinach-Feta Rice Pilaf, Sliced Steak with Oregano Sauce, and Broiled Tomatoes with Parsley.

Dessert: Red Velvet Waffles with Cream Cheese Drizzle are a breeze to put together. Feel free to swap in your family’s favorite berries.

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