How to: Cook with Beer at Your Next BBQ

Grill masters all know that the best recipes need a few secret ingredients. Sometimes it’s a custom chili blend, sometimes it’s sugar to complement heat and spice, and sometimes, it’s a cold brew.

Before your next cookout, grab your favorite beer – not to drink, but to amp up your food’s flavors. From lagers to pale ales, you’ll be surprised at what depth and richness can be added to your recipes. 

While the alcohol does cook off, always enjoy your beverages responsibly. In the meantime, let’s get cookin’!

Turkey Cheeseburgers with Beer-B-Q Sauce

Pale ale gives this tangy sauce an extra bite on top of lean turkey burgers. Ground mustard, grated onion and herbs and seasonings incorporated right into the turkey make ’em a knockout!

Braised Pork Tacos

Succulently seasoned pork shoulder gets amped up with pickled peppers and chilis in adobo. Grab a bottle of your favorite Mexican beer for truly authentic flavors!

Smoky Tex-Mex Sloppy Josés

These spicy, southwestern sloppy Josés get their kick from serrano peppers, black pepper, hot sauce, and a cup of lager!

Fat Tuesday Chili

Don’t store your slow cooker away just ’cause it’s summer. Get this chili simmering early in the day to dish out at your next barbecue. No one will be able to resist this spicy stew, brewed with a bottle of pale ale!

7-Layer Chili Dog Dip

Lager-style beer adds depth to a chili con carne you can eat with chips.

7-Hour Smoked Brisket Sliders

This recipe is for serious meat-lovers only! Advanced prep is required – but you’ll be rewarded! Apple juice and lager-style beer combine to create a sweet, smoky flavor that can’t be beat.

Buffalo Turkey Sloppy Joes

Low fat ground turkey in a tasty barbecue-style sauce is delicious in these sandwiches. You’ll flip for the buffalo kick that’s amped up with a cup of your favorite brew.

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