Photo Challenge: What’s Your Favorite Summer Flavor?

Recently, we asked our friends on social media to tell us what foods and flavors of summer make them happiest, using the hashtag #summerfoodfaves. Try it for a second: Close your eyes, think of summer (sunshine, friends, no coats!). What’s on your table?

For some of us, it’s a bowl of beautiful, fresh fruit. For others, it’s barbecue. Here are some of the best photos that came in from our audience. And if you want to be a part of the next Photo Challenge, hang out with Team Rachael on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Fresh Greens in New Orleans

via @VeganFashionBlog / Instagram

Patrick Vilyus of @VeganFashionBlog gets his greens on at the SEED Vegan Restaurant in New Orleans.

So. Many. Cherries.

Via @whatjewwannaeat / Instagram

Amy Kritzer stocked up on fresh cherries from her local Whole Foods in Austin. So delish!

Pull It!

Nothing screams “summer” more than firing up the grill! Jessica Hirsch digs into a delish pulled pork sandwich at New York City’s Mighty Quinn’s Barbeque.

Everything’s Berry Good

Via @homemadedelish / Instagram

Sometimes, it’s the simple things in life that taste the sweetest.

Blend it!

Via @wtameal / Instagram

We’ve been on a smoothie kick at the office – this might be next! What a Meal blends up a refreshing beverage with coconut water, pineapple, and mangoes.

Last But Not Least…Everything’s Better with Hummus

via @RachaelRay / Twitter

Rachael loves whipping up fresh dips for pita, chips, and veggies in the summer. This special blend that she created at her house in upstate New York uses chick peas, tahini, lots of lemon, garlic, ground cumin, harissa, and EVOO.

And, an honorable mention to our pal, the illustrious Andrew Kaplan, who’s convinced us that we really need a cherry pitter in the office.

It's the little things… #puremichigan #MichiganCherries #summerfoodfaves #go

A video posted by Andrew Kaplan (@onkappysplate) on

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