One Last Bite of Summer: 9 Mouthwatering Burgers

If you’re a fan of Rachael’s, you’re probably a fan of burgers.

She has a whole cookbook devoted to them, judges burger competitions, and is always creating new, inspired twists on this American classic.

Get your grill on while the weather’s still beautiful, and change up your usual burger with these amazing recipes. We’ve picked out a range of beef, turkey, and vegetarian options for all tastes – plus a couple must-have sides to make sure your burger is complete!

Bonus tip: For the ideal burger, Rachael recommends making the center of your burger slightly less thick than the outsides. To do so, give the centers a few gentle presses with your thumb. While cooking, your burger will plump up, resulting in an even patty.

Ohio Nacho Turkey Burgers

Buffalo sauce + Ohio-style nachos give this burger a one-two flavor punch. Add the crunch of potato chips to this crazy combo, and you’ll be asking for seconds in no-time.

Bacon Burgers with Caramelized Onions and Gorgonzola

White wine and rosemary may sound like the makings of a fancy roast. But they’re really just the start of a show-stopping burger that’s almost too pretty to eat. Almost.

Smoke and Fireworks Bacon-Wrapped Chipotle Burgers

The name of these burgers really says it all: savory bacon, paired with homemade BBQ sauce, and burger patties with smoky chipotle powder mixed right in. What’s not to love?

Chianti Cheeseburgers

Feeling fancy? Add a little dry red wine right into your burger! Caramelized onions and a little foccacia take this burger to Italy – but it will taste just as great in your backyard.

Spicy Burgers with Sharp Cheddar and Chunky Blue Cheese Aioli

These burgers aren’t messing around! Horseradish is mixed right into the patty for a serious kick, while the blue cheese aioli helps tame the fire.

Buffalo Turkey Sloppy Joes

Even though this isn’t a “burger” by name, it definitely belongs at your cookout. Low-fat ground turkey gets a kick from Buffalo sauce and your own homemade blue cheese ranch dressing. Use the extra ranch (if you have any, that is!) for a yummy dipper for fresh-cut veggies.

Turkey Cheeseburgers with Beer-B-Q Sauce on Pretzel Rolls

Pretzel rolls make everything better. Their crispy outsides, soft insides, and crunchy sea salt topping are too good to pass up. Try and hold your horses long enough to make the tasty burgers and DIY barbecue sauce first!

Vegetarian: Grilled Eggplant and Mozzarella Sandwiches

Vegetarians, look out: All your meat-loving pals will be trying to steal bites of this delish sammie! While not technically labeled a “burger,” the texture of thick-cut eggplant has a meaty bite all its own. I’ll let you decide whether or not to share…

Vegetarian: Tofu Burgers

A homemade veggie burger that’s firm, chewy, and of course, absolutely delectable. You’ll never buy frozen veggie patties again!

Bistro-Style Pommes Frites

You only need three basic ingredients to create your own fries at home. Note: If you make a big batch ahead of time and need to reheat them for your guests, just toss them on a baking sheet to crisp up in the oven (the microwave will make ’em soggy!).

Sweet N’ SPicy Pickle Spears

Making your own pickles is simply too fun not to try. Make sure you prep these 24 hours before you’re going to serve them, so they have plenty of time to finish pickling and for the flavors to really develop.

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