Rachael Ray Helps First NYC Cat Café Get the Purrrfect Start

It’s a brisk morning in New York City. You stop at a cheery café to grab a coffee and a sweet treat. You sit down near the window to enjoy your snacks, read a book, and cozy up next to…a cat?

That’s the idea behind Meow Parlour, a new café in The Big Apple that gives patrons a chance to enjoy coffee, treats, and the company of adoptable feline friends. With the hope of finding new homes for the cats, customers can reserve time during the day to visit the kitty component of the parlour (cats and food are currently in separate spaces).

Rachael is a dedicated animal lover and rescue advocate. When she heard about the new café, she had to help!

Rachael, along with Ainsworth Pet Nutrition who makes Nutrish® for Cats, donated more than 174,000 meals to Kitty Kind, Inc., who run the café.

The $172,000 food donation will allow Kitty Kind, Inc. and Meow Parlour to feed their furry friends while they’re waiting to find new homes. Also, each kitty that gets adopted from the café will receive a two-month supply of Nutrish for Cats. 

Founders Christina Ha and Emile Legrand were so excited about the donation. “We began this crazy journey of opening New York City’s first cat cafe with the end goal of helping more cats find forever homes so that others can experience the joy that cats have brought to our lives,” said Ha. 

“We are so grateful for Rachael Ray Nutrish’s generous gift to Kitty Kind which will allow us to care for these cats even after they have left Meow Parlour.”

KittyKind’s mission is to reduce the number of abandoned or homeless animals in New York City by providing food, shelter, medical care, attention and comfort for every cat rescued, until they can be placed in a safe and loving home. 

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