Quick Tip: Foolproof Broccoli Rabe

Broccoli rabe (sometimes called “rapini” or “broccoli raab”) is a delish veggie. Rachael loves to use it in sandwiches and pastas, as it’s a classic Italian green and a healthy addition to your meals. 

However, if not prepped correctly, it can have a bitter taste. To get your broccoli rabe right every time, follow Rachael’s simple steps:

1. Start with a big pot of well-salted boiling water and cook the rabe for a few minutes.
2. Then, transfer the rabe to an ice bath to shock it. This stops the cooking process and preserves the rabe’s nice crunch and texture.
3. Rinse it in a colander and remove any of the large pieces of ice that may have transferred over.

Ready to go? Try out your new skills with some of these rapini recipes:

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