Yes, You Can Sleep In: 8 Easy Overnight Breakfasts

Who wants to wake up first thing in the morning and make a big breakfast? 

Sure, it can be a lot of fun, but there’s something wonderful about popping a pan in the oven, enjoying your coffee, and not having a mountain of dishes to tackle. Hey, maybe you’ll even get to hit the snooze button a few extra times. We’re not judging!

From pancakes to strata, you can have a beautiful breakfast or brunch ready in a snap if you’re willing to do a little advanced prep. 

Sausage and Spinach Egg Strata

This strata would be awesome for brunch, lunch, or dinner (good to note for leftovers!). To make it ahead, simply prep the dish the night before, then let it come to room temperature before baking in the morning. Done!

Christmas Breakfast Casserole

This casserole comes together in a snap and is so easy and fun, the kids can join in making it with you. No fancy ingredients required here: All you need are whole grain toaster waffles, plus a few typical refrigerator staples like deli ham and grated cheddar! 

Quick and Easy French Toast Casserole 

French toast is the ultimate breakfast food. This version brings its best flavors, without the work of prepping individual servings. Genius!

Soul Pancakes

Light, fluffy, and with a kick! These pancakes have a surprise ingredient (cayenne pepper!) for an unexpected “wow” factor. And don’t worry – you’re not making these in the morning. Whip up a batch, and create your own frozen, ready-to-eat pancakes (or waffles!):
– Let them come to room temperature.
– Place them on a parchment-lined baking sheet and let freeze for an hour.
– Once they’re fully frozen, remove the sheet from the freezer and store the pancakes long-term in a freezer bag or container.

Make-Ahead Chilled Oatmeal

How cute is anything in a jar? This make-ahead chilled oatmeal can be made in small jars for individual servings for all your breakfast guests. It’s ready the night before, and goes great with a beautiful fruit salad or egg dish!

Your Basic Quiche

This version of quiche is perfect for adding your own mix-ins and personal twists. Pro tip: To make it ahead, bake it the night before, and simply reheat in the morning. Otherwise, the eggs would make the crust too soggy. 

Monkey Bread French Toast Casserole

Banana bread meets French toast (and bacon!) in this fabulous brunch-ready casserole that you can make the night before.


Serve this tortilla frittata (Tor-Tata, get it?!) hot with sautéed peppers and onions or at room temperature with a tomato and avocado salad alongside. Olé!

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