18 Romantic Dinner Ideas

What makes a heart flutter more than the sound of a sizzling skillet or the smell of something splendid, fresh out of the oven?

If you want to charm the person you care for most this Valentine’s Day, Rachael says it best: “The way to anyone’s anything is through their stomach.” 

Skip expensive prix fixe menus and crowded restaurants. Instead, light a few candles, set a simple table, and spend some well-deserved time with your sweetheart at home. No matter your skill level as a cook or your budget, they’ll definitely feel special enjoying a meal made with love. 

Cook’s Note: All of Rachael’s recipes are meant for sharing, and most recipes included here serve at least 4. Who doesn’t love leftovers?

If you’re looking for…

Something a Little Fancy

Boneless Roast Lamb with Roasted Potatoes and Tomatoes 

This roasted lamb is not to be believed. While it’s simple to prepare, it does take a few hours, so make sure you plan ahead. But we promise, it’s worth it! If that looks tasty, you might also love:

Something to Pair with Your Dinner Drink 

Meatballs with Red-Wine Tomato Sauce

There’s something so romantic about Italian food and wine. This delectable recipe (that Rachael loves to make for John!) would go beautifully with pinot noir and a simple green salad. You’ll probably also want to raise a glass to:

Something Sweet and Simple

Sweet Marscapone and Berries with Marsala

Strawberries and cream is a classic Valentine’s Day dessert (plus, the colors go perfectly with your decor!). This version gets a kick from macerated berries in marsala, for an extra-fancy twist. Here are a few more sweet ideas for your sweetheart:

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