9 One-Pot Meals for a Busy Week

You know the feeling: You come home after a long day, get dinner ready, set the table, serve up dinner…and come back to a sink full of dishes. 

(This is the part where we all sigh.)

It’s wonderful to cook at home and take on a delicious recipe. But there are times when you need something that won’t require a lot of washing up. Thankfully, Rachael has delicious, mouthwatering meals just for nights like these.

These 9 one- pot meals hold true to their promise: All of the cooking literally happens in one pot (no additional skillets or pans required!), so cleaning up is a snap. What more could a busy cook ask for?

Give these delectable, tempting dishes a try: 

Steakhouse Chili Pot

Smoky bacon and hot sauce make this protein-packed recipe too good to pass up. Wanna keep it spicy like this chili? You’ll also love these dishes that kick it up a notch:

Creamy Chicken and Mushroom One-Pot with Pot Pie Toppers

There’s nothing quite like homemade chicken pot pie. It’s a classic! And if you’re looking for more recipes that taste just like home, you’ll also love:

One-Pot Broken Florentine Lasagna

This simple meal takes everything you love about lasagna, but cuts the work in half. Want more ideas with innovative twists? These meals combine flavors in new and fresh ways (while still making dinner a cinch!):

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