Ask the Editors: How to Make Fresh Herbs Last

We’re going nuts for all the herbs available in our local markets this season. Just like Rachael, we love to use fresh herbs when possible. They add extra flavor punches to our dishes, and they’re simply lovely for garnishes.

But what to do with the greens that you can’t use right away? 

To make the most of your super-fresh hauls, try these simple, smart tactics. Not only will you be able to use them longer and waste less, but some of these ideas will make your kitchen look downright beautiful!

For herbs with woodier stems:

Lay a sheet of plastic wrap down, and then place a layer of dry paper towels on top. Place your herbs on top of the towel, and wrap everything together to be placed in the fridge. The towel is great for keeping them dry, and the plastic wrap will prevent extra moisture from causing them to spoil.

For leafy, delicate herbs:

Place them in a jar with an inch or two of water, just like you would fresh flowers. You can leave them out, or place them in the fridge. Rachael recently reminded us that basil doesn’t like the cold of the refrigerator (its leaves will turn black), so keep it out on the counter. 

If you want to store herbs like cilantro or parsley in the fridge, Rachael likes to place the jar under a gallon-sized, zip-close baggie and then put them in to cool.

Hungry yet? Go cook something fresh and delish!

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