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Each month, Rachael pens a personal letter to the readers of her magazine, Every Day with Rachael Ray. Here’s what’s on Rach’s mind for June, and what’s cookin’ in the magazine. Don’t forget to get your copy of the issue, out on newsstands now!

The theme of this issue is healthy eating, which, to be honest, is a term I have mixed feelings about. I cook a largely Mediterranean diet every day, so my recipes are fundamentally good for you: dark leafy greens, lots of colorful fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, olive oil, nuts, grains, fish. So I guess you can say that every issue of our magazine is a healthy-eating issue with affordable options that you can feel good about.

I am also a person who believes in enjoying life, so I support all things in moderation—wine, sweets, treats. I do not associate guilt with food: I don’t believe that’s healthy for the body or the mind. All of this being said, much of my food philosophy today is based on my extreme luck of the draw in early childhood. My grandfather, Emmanuel Scuderi, lived with us when I was little, and I was always at his feet, his little rabbit. Gran’pa was a father of 10, my mom his firstborn. He was a great gardener and a wonderful cook. As a kid I had the same diet as this Sicilian man in his seventies. I loved shredded, unsweetened wheat biscuits with coffee and cold milk for breakfast. I loved sardine sandwiches and stewed greens and anything with extra garlic and anchovies and chile peppers. My first word was vino, probably because he put wine diluted with water in my baby bottle to quiet me when I was fussy.

In short, I’ve been eating this healthy diet since birth, loving super foods like kale, omega-3-rich fish, tomatoes, beans and, yes, red wine! This issue makes healthy food what I have always believed it should be: fast, accessible, flavorful and as much fun as the food we think of as being bad for us. Eat well, be well.

Rachael Ray

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