A Brewmaster Teaches Us How to Cook with Beer

Now that summer grilling season is in full-swing, we’ve got two things on our minds: Dinner al fresco and some cold drinks to go along with it. There’s nothing like a refreshing beer to complement your meal. 

Have you ever noticed that beer literally makes food taste better? And, it’s a pretty handy ingredient for almost any dish, whether it’s for a weekend brunch or a backyard BBQ.

We wanted to get inside the science of why food + beer is such a knockout combination, and we knew just the pro to help us do it: John Legnard, brewmaster for Blue Moon Brewing Company

Not only does he know a few things about beer, but he competes in (and wins!) grilling competitions, making him the perfect expert.

Check out John’s amazing tips about why and how to cook with beer. Spoiler alert: There will be waffles.

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