12 Mouthwatering Dishes from the Premiere of Rachael Ray’s Kids Cook-Off

The competition during the premiere of Rachael Ray’s Kids Cook-Off sizzled as eight crazy-talented kids dueled it in out in the kitchen.

They’re small, but fierce! [Photo courtesy of Food Network]

We couldn’t help but smile as we watched the pint-sized chefs dice their veggies at lightning speed, attempt their best TV persona (shout out to Sabrina and her Julia Child impression), and, of course, just be kids! 

They definitely brought their A-games under the watchful eyes of the judges, Robert Irvine and Rachael – or, as Chris would like to say “the President of the United States…of cooking.” 

If we haven’t convinced you to tune into the rest of the season (Mondays at 8/7c on Food Network!), maybe their phenomenally plated meals will. Here’s a recap:

In the first challenge, the mini-chefs were asked to showcase their perspective on food – in one bite! Each contestant created an appetizer that was tasty and beautiful. 

In the next challenge, the kiddos paired up into teams to create dishes that not only showcased their point of view, but complimented their teammate’s. From spins on surf n’ turf to classic tacos and guacamole, we wished we’d gotten to taste their delectable dishes.

There’s so much more to come! Don’t miss the rest of the season, and be sure to stay in touch with #KidsCookOff on social for all the latest!

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