Why You Should Fall in Love with Polenta

Trying to decide what’s for dinner tonight? How about polenta? Originally from France, polenta actually translates into “corn meal mush,” but don’t let the name scare you. It’s actually delicious and super easy to make!

The dish requires two essential ingredients: water and cornmeal. Simply boil the cornmeal in the water until it reaches a grits-like texture, and you’ve basically mastered the French “le plat.”

A rule of thumb when cooking polenta: Use one cup of polenta for every three cups of water. It gets the consistency just right, but if you feel like the polenta is still too thick, feel free to add more water. That’s the beauty of this dish – there’s room make it how you like and so many ways of serving it:

Polenta Deep-Dish White Pizza with Mushrooms and Sausage

Substitute a regular pizza crust with polenta. It has a similar taste and texture to a normal curst, but with no gluten! Pro-tip: Don’t try to eat it with your hands! It doesn’t have the sturdiness of a normal crust and could get a bit messy.

Quick Polenta with Mushrooms, Asparagus and Poached Eggs

An easy option for breakfast, lunch or dinner (or as Rachael would like to call it, a BLD). Savory mushrooms, veggies, and a deliciously gooey egg yolk hit the spot at any hour of the day.

Chorizo and Vegetable Chili in Cheesy Polenta Bowls

Make chili even more irresistible with a little help from our friend, polenta. The polenta provides a thickness to the dish making it an even more filling and hearty meal.

Polenta with Meat Sauce

Photo by The Rachael Ray Show

Try polenta with some Italian attitude! Rachael suggests serving this one straight from the skillet. The creamy ricotta pairs wonderfully with the dish, so don’t skimp on the dollops!

Lamb Shanks with Horseradish Gremolata & Oven-Baked Polenta with Honey

Photo by The Rachael Ray Show

A lamb dinner is always a treat. Pair it with with polenta to complement the richness of the lamb and enhance the dish’s overall flavor.

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