A Note from Rach: The Power of Ten

Each month, Rachael pens a personal letter to the readers of her magazine, which was recently re-named to Rachael Ray Every Day. Here’s what’s on Rach’s mind as the magazine celebrates its 10th anniversary and unveils a brand-new look. Don’t forget to get your copy of the issue, out on newsstands now!

Ten years ago, I started this magazine because I wanted to send a message: “You don’t have to be rich to live a rich life.” Life should be a little adventure every single day—not just during summer or vacation or retirement—whether it’s turning down an unfamiliar road on your way to work, or making a “strange turn” in your kitchen when you’re cooking dinner. I wanted a magazine that would inspire people to make their lives matter more today than they did yesterday. Valuing life itself is what really, truly matters.

The motto that embodies that philosophy, “Take a Bite Outta Life!,” has been on our cover since the very first issue. And it’s still there, now along with a brand-new logo. You’ll also see a fresh, friendly, updated design inside the magazine, our promise to you that our next 10 years will be as energetic and exciting as the past 10.

I generally find it hard to look back—I’m an optimist, so I prefer to look to the future—but to celebrate our anniversary, I’m taking a moment here and there to remember how we got here. Enjoy the fun and funny highlights of the 98 issues we’ve published so far on page 63. Don’t miss my all-new 30-Minute Meals on page 92, plus a tear-out booklet of the best 30-Minute Meals of all time at page 101. And we would never forget Thanksgiving—turn to page 104 for amazing holiday recipes from some friends of mine you’re sure to recognize. (By the way, we’ve put some of our regular columns on pause for this special issue, but don’t worry—they’ll be back next month!).

I’m the luckiest woman in the world. I have a family who believes that what you make for dinner can make life great. I’m lucky enough to have readers and viewers who agree. I wouldn’t change any twists in the road I’ve taken, even when they didn’t turn out the way I hoped, because that’s how I came to this intersection in my life, with the magazine, my daily TV show and my marriage all hitting the big 1-0. So let the adventure continue. Welcome to our next decade of food and fun!

Rachael Ray

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