Treat Yourself: Get Your Signed Copy of Rach’s New Book ‘Everyone is Italian on Sunday’

We’re so excited to announce Rachael’s new cookbook!

For Rachael, food is a lot more than just the dishes on the dinner table. “It ties together generation to generation, it mends hurt feelings, it can take you anywhere you’ve never been. You can experience any culture through food,” she says. 

Now, with her 22nd book, Everyone is Italian on Sunday, you can take a trip to Italy and never leave home. With more than 500 recipes lovingly crafted by Rach, you’ll feel her warmth and love for her Italian-American heritage in your own cucina. The book officially releases October 27, and you can pre-order your signed copy exclusively in the Rachael Ray Store!

For me, this book is the single most important work of my life. It represents decades of enjoying and working with food and the people I love most in this world […] The meaning of being Italian on Sunday is to prepare food with love, to savor it, and to share it with others, sometimes loudly, always with gusto.” 

Whether you’re new to the kitchen or a pro, there’s something for everyone in this essential guide. We’ve already been paging through and can’t wait to start cooking up everything from classic Cacciatore to Risotto Milanese and Pork Chops in the Style of Porchetta (which we will be sharing here with you too on, so stay tuned!).

In the meantime, we’ll teach you one Italian word that everyone should know: Mangia! (Eat!)

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