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To say Rachael lives a busy life is an understatement. With a daytime talk show, a monthly magazine, her own cookware line, pet food, and not-for-profit (we’re tired already!) she’s always on-the-go. But when she does have a moment to spare, she loves visiting with friends, spending time with her hubby, John, or going upstate to cook and relax.

If you already follow Rachael on Twitter, you know she loves sharing these personal moments with her fans, and now, you can spend even more time with her on Instagram and the new (wonderfully entertaining) app, The List App! Here’s a sneak peek of what she’s up to on both:

Rach on Instagram

@rachaelray is up and running! Her pictures give her followers a behind-the-scenes look into her life. Check it out!

Loved catching up w @BamBamBaklava at #nycwff

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Diggin' the Adirondacks. Best #foliage in years. Perfect day.

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Rach on The List App

The List App, created by B.J. Novak (you may remember him from The Office) and Dev Flaherty, is Rachael’s “newest obsession.” She gets personal with funny lists and useful tips that will have you laughing and taking notes. From a list of  the 14 cheeses she keeps in her cheese drawer to the dishes that even she still can’t cook, take a look at Rachael’s cheeky and humorous lists that are bound to give a lift to your day. 

You can even request lists from Rach! Maybe she’ll answer your question next.

And of course, we’re always hanging out on social, too. Drop us a note or ask us a question on the Team Rachael Facebook page or say hi on Instagram. We’re always around to help!

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