Check Out the ‘Everyone is Italian on Sunday’ Photo Shoot

Ever been to a photo shoot before? If you picture one in your mind, you probably think of lots of bright lights, racks of clothes, hair and makeup stylists, and models.

At a photo shoot for Rachael Ray, the models aren’t dressed in runway fashion – they’re coming hot out of the oven, smelling like homemade goodness, and ready to be served up at your dinner table.

Rachael’s latest book, Everyone is Italian on Sunday, is hitting the shelves. Inside are 500+ amazing recipes, plus mouthwatering photos. We went behind the scenes at the shoot to see how it’s done – and get a few bites, of course. Check them out, plus a few tips for shooting your own amazing food photos at home!

Everyone is Italian on Sunday is Rachael’s 22nd cookbook, and what she calls “the single most important work” of her life. Get your copy today!

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