New to the Kitchen? Cook One of These Thanksgiving Sides!

If you’re new to the kitchen, the idea of cooking a dish for a holiday dinner can be daunting. Maybe you’re not ready for the big leagues (the turkey!) but luckily, there are easy and delicious options for beginners to bring to the table, too.

Rachael’s suggestion? Look and feel like a pro by making everyone’s favorite: the mash. “You can’t screw it up!” she often teases. But she’s right: It consists of only a few ingredients and requires minimal time in the kitchen. A win, win!

For something simple, Rach suggests mashing a head of steamed cauliflower with Boursin cheese (the soft, herb cheese you can find in the grocery store), along with and veggie or chicken stock for a creamy and healthier option. It pairs nicely with the usual Thanksgiving spread and is a sure crowd-pleaser. 

Pro-tip: If you make mashed anything, you need to make a bain-marie (a hot water bath). First, take a wide sauté pan and add an inch or two of water. Keep this at a low simmer. Then, place the finished potatoes in a regular sauce pot that will fit inside the pan of water, and cover with a lid. The water should be surrounding your mash, giving it a uniform heat. It will stay warm all day! If you need to troubleshoot a few more of Thanksgiving’s biggest kitchen headaches – check out these 11 tips from Rach.

If you’d rather whip up a traditional mash, Rachael has you covered with a variety of potato recipes – all of which are delicious!

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Ranch-Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Dive deeper into Rachael’s spins on traditional mashed potatoes with even more flavor combos. Think blue cheese, ricotta, honey, camembert and more!

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