3 Simple Steps to the Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey

Update: Why wrestle with one, big bird when you can make two smaller ones? If you’re living in a “cozy” apartment, carry your own groceries home, or have never made a turkey before and are looking for something a little more manageable, Rachael’s got an idea for you.

And hey, even seasoned Thanksgiving hosts might be looking for a change!

One of Rachael’s favorite ways to prepare turkey on Thanksgiving is to dress and roast two smaller birds instead of a large one.

Not only does this give you more flexibility if your oven is smaller, but it brings down your cooking time! Here’s the full recipe, plus some handy step-by-step photos below.

Pro tip: Stuffing them with fresh and herbs veggies gives them extra flavor – and looks beautiful too!

After adding your stuffing, use dried spices and butter to infuse moisture and flavor to the skin.

Also, Rachael doesn’t do a traditional “truss,” but simply ties the legs of the bird together. Don’t forget to tuck the wings under so they don’t burn!

The general rule of thumb for cooking turkey is roughly 15 minutes for every pound at 325 degrees F. But be sure to use an internal thermometer to check that it’s done – once the internal temperature is about 160 degrees F.

Bonus tip: Drop your thermometer into boiling water to ensure it’s still accurate before you cook your bird. It should read 212 degrees F!

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(This article was originally published in Nov. 2014.)

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