10 Cozy Casseroles

A wave of comfort rolls over us when we open a door to the scent of a casserole baking after being outside in the cool, chilled air. As you inhale the smell of garlic, roasted herbs, and buttery bread, you immediately feel warm and cozy inside and out.

That’s the beauty of a casserole. With the simplicity of being cooked in one pan, it still manages to be downright delicious and comforting. For many of us, casseroles taste just like home, and not only please our stomachs, but our hearts, too.

Rachael, like us, can’t resist a good casserole either. Pasta bakes, gratin, pie, and strata are just a few dishes in the casserole family that Rachael likes to cook on a regular basis. We’ve started a list of some of our favorites that are sure to have your home smelling delish and your stomach growling.

Zucchini, Tomato, Potato Pie

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A classic of Rachael’s family. Her mom made this dish when she was little as a side, then eventually upgraded it to the main course.

Lasagna with Meat Ragu

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Really impress your guests with Rachael’s meaty lasagna. Each layer is made with love (down to the homemade dough!).

Slow Cooker Green Bean Casserole

Green bean casserole is a holiday favorite! It’s a decadent dish, with its creamy cheese and fried topping. To perfect it, Rachael lets it cook slowly for five hours.

Baked Ziti

The bubbly top of a baked ziti is enough to make us swoon. When you spoon into the casserole, each noodle is perfectly sauced for a tasty bite every time.

Pulled Chipotle Chicken and Fixin’s

Looking to feed a crowd with a tasty meal? The pulled chipotle chicken is awesome for entertaining – and it’s gluten-free!

Spinach and Ricotta Frittata

Photo by The Rachael Ray Show.

Breakfast, lunch, or dinner, frittatas are a casserole perfect for any time of the day. Rachael’s spinach and ricotta version is simple, but flavorful, making it a quick, go-to dish for company.

Mac & Cheese with Leeks and Ham

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Who doesn’t love mac & cheese? And the ham and leaks are a tasty bonus! Load your plate with a scoop or two for a creamy, delicious meal.

Vermont Chicken Pie

Chicken pot pie is the ultimate comfort food. One large casserole helps to bring this dish to the whole family.

Deep-Dish Eggplant Parmigiana

We love this eggplant parm because not only is it tasty, but it’s bread-less, too! Now you can enjoy all the flavors you love in the classic version with this recipe that makes enough to feed an army.

Apple Pot Pies

Nothing beats having an individual dessert. Give a pie to everyone at the table for a warm end to a tasty meal.

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