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Too Much Salt! Tips on Saving an Oversalted Dish

To the Cooks:

What can you do when you get too much salt in a recipe?



Dear Margaret:

Don’t throw away the dish! Sometimes a recipe can’t be saved, but if you have slaved over the stove and got a little heavy handed with the salt, you can try some kitchen CPR before tossing all of your hard work and ingredients. Here are a few over salting remedies to try:

  • For a soup, dilute with unsalted liquid.
  • For over-salted soups or sauces, a little sour cream, brown sugar, or vinegar can help balance the saltiness. Use your best judgement based on the flavor of the sauce and start with a small amount and add more as needed.
  • Try adding cooked white rice pureed with some water to over salted soups or stews to absorb some of the saltiness.
  • If extra ingredients are on hand, a reliable remedy is to double the recipe without the salt the second time around!

In the future, we always recommend going easy on the salt and allowing your guests to add more to their tasting. But hey, accidents happen and we hope these tips and tricks help!

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Note from Team Rachael: This post was updated Feb. 2018. Top image courtesy of the Rachael Ray Show.

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