5 Simple Recipes that Don’t Require a Trip to the Store

“So, what’s for dinner?”   

It’s a great and dreaded question. Especially on those busy weeknights when you may not have time to run to the grocery store, how can you re-imagine your basic pantry and try something new?  

Never fear: We’ve created a few new dishes to bust your dinner rut. 

These 5 flavorful options are quick to master and anything but boring. From classic pasta dishes to hearty Mexican-inspired casseroles, you’ll be surprised what you can whip up with classic kitchen staples like tuna, pasta, breadcrumbs, leftover veggies, and spices: 

BBQ Tuna English Muffin Pizzas

Why should chicken have all the fun? Try a simple, flavorful dish that’s going to be an instant hit with the family: BBQ Tuna English Muffin Pizzas. Bite-sized pizzas get a nutritional boost with whole grains, lots of protein from tuna, and just enough cheese to make ’em irresistible. 

Or, turn the tables and upgrade your dinner to date-night worthy fare with Simple Tuna “Crab” Cakes with Charred Lemon. This classic dish is reinvented with tuna instead of crab, plus 8 other pantry staples we know you have on-hand. Charred lemon takes ’em over the top.

Or, take your pasta night to the next level with Penne with Tuna Provençal Sauce. The salty, briny bite from capers compliments the seafood in the dish perfectly for a low-stress Italian-inspired dinner. Of course, feel free to use any pasta you have in your pantry.

Sweet and Spicy Tuna Grain Bowls

If you’re anything like us, grain bowls are a take-out favorite right now. Get ready for a kick of heat and a meal that’s ready faster than delivery with these Sweet and Spicy Tuna Grain Bowls. Use our ingredients list as a guide: Whatever fresh or frozen veggies you have will add a customized and low-waste option to your meal. 

Speaking of restaurant faves, Easy Weeknight Tuna Enchiladas are about to go into your dinner rotation. With only 8 ingredients needed, you’ll have them in the oven and on your table in no-time. This dish is also perfect for a make-ahead option, so feel free to assemble in the morning and bake in the evening for an even easier dinnertime option.

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