First Look: Orange, Lavender, & Figs

A little over a year ago, The Rachael Ray Show launched a competition to find America’s next big cookbook author. The prize was huge, and it included any aspiring chefs dream: an opportunity to publish a cookbook under Rachael’s very own imprint!

The winner of “The Great American Cookbook Competition,” Fanny Slater, has blown us away with her self-taught talent. You may remember her from the competition as the enthusiastic Raleigh native with a clear passion for food and a tagline that will make you grin: “Get Your Fanny in the Kitchen.” 

Fanny’s love affair with cooking began early:

“When I was four, my dad scooted a chair up next to the stove and handed me a spatula,” she wrote to us recently. “He always let me help with dinner (seasoning the mashed potatoes, sprinkling paprika over the chicken, etc.) and those memories are what make up my childhood.”

So it was no surprise to Fanny’s family when she applied for the contest (and eventually won!). Even Fanny felt confident that she was going to take home the title:

“As part of the rules, contestants couldn’t be professionally trained chefs (check), they had to turn in an essay (I was a food writer—check), and they had to have a concept (putting my spin on foods that “taste like childhood”—check),” she said. “When I clicked ‘send’ on my submission, it felt like something magical had just happened. It always felt like it was meant to be.”

Photo by Frances Janisch

In her first-ever cookbook, Orange, Lavender, & Figs, you’ll get even more of Fanny’s humorous storytelling and a taste of her childhood favorites, as well as some of her unique food pairings. Her recipes are as creative as they are delicious, and all her food is, most importantly, authentically Fanny.

Get a peek inside her amazing new book with these four recipes, and don’t forget to pick up your own copy – now available wherever books are sold! 

First Prize Breakfast Sandwich with Orange Lavender Fig Jam

Photo by Frances Janisch

Fanny says: “This nostalgic recipe is the epitome of the book’s concept, and it got me into (and won me) the Rachael Ray Great American Cookbook Competition as it’s the recipe I first entered with and the recipe I won with.” 

Orange Lavender Fig Jam & Sunflower Seed-Cream Cheese Pesto

Photo by Frances Janisch

“These condiments are my creative way of jazzing up dishes with a dash of Fanny flair,” she said.

Kailua Coupe with Balsamic Fig Syrup

Photo by Frances Janisch

A sweet, decadent treat! Fanny tells us: “This dessert is for my big sister Sarah who lives in Kailua, Hawaii and has supported, loved, and encouraged me from day one.”

Roasted Veggie Crostini with Sunflower Seed-Cream Cheese Pesto

Photo by Frances Janisch

“This whimsical app reminds me of my mom. It’s a nourishing, colorful combination of flavors and textures.” noted Fanny – and we agree!

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