9 Trusty Tips to Grocery Shop Like a Pro

When grocery shopping, it’s easy to go overboard. The chaos of the store combined with the overwhelming number of options can have you moving too fast – only to arrive home with an extraordinary number of bags and an expensive receipt.

We’ve put together a few of our most reliable grocery shopping tips to keep you on-track and on-budget for the next time you hit the aisles. 

Give your pantry a quick once-over before heading to the store: 

Nothing is worse than opening your pantry and realizing it is already stocked with items you just purchased. Before you head out the door, do a quick inventory of your pantry and fridge. It’s an easy way to ensure that you won’t overbuy.

Create a grocery list – with portion sizes: 

Planning is the key to saving money. Rather than leisurely strolling the aisles and grabbing whatever speaks to you at the moment, a list gives you direction and limitations as to what you should buy. Also, if you note how much you need of certain items, you won’t overbuy and have extras that can spoil. Less waste means more money in your pocket.

Go shopping on a full stomach:

This may be the oldest trick in the book! When you’re hungry, it’s proven that you buy more groceries. Before walking out the door, make sure your stomach is full.

Choose the right-sized cart: 

If you’re shopping for yourself or a small group, try carrying a basket. A large cart allows you to buy way more food than is necessary. With a basket, each item you pick up will be carefully considered. 

Do your best to avoid buying pre-made food: 

Although pre-made or pre-cut food can be more convenient, it also costs a pretty penny. Carve out some time in the week for meal prep, and opt for buying the ingredients and preparing them yourself.

Buy seasonal: 

When purchasing produce, keep an eye out for seasonal options. When you’re buying in season, you’ll see a decrease in your overall check because the produce is more readily available. Plus, it’s tastier to buy fruits and veggies at their peak!

Bring a bag from home: 

We love that stores are now providing discounts for bringing your own bag from home! Not only does it help the environment, but it helps your wallet, too. Check out Rachael’s food transport options, like her classic ChillOut Tote. Not only is it great for carrying dishes like brownies and sammies, but it also serves as an awesome, insulated grocery bag.

Avoid impulse aisles: 

Step away from the cookies! Impulse aisles like the snack aisle can be deadly to your bank account. For the most part, everything you need is on the exterior part of the store. Try it out next time you’re shopping and see if you can take on the challenge!

Buy frozen from time to time: 

Frozen fruits and vegetables can really cut down the costs of a grocery store trip. Consider what you’re making with the produce. Thinking you’ll probably just be using it for smoothies? Grab frozen instead of fresh for a cooler drink that is less expensive.

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