Rise & Shine! 9 Egg Recipes that are Perfect for Brunch

The best start to a day is a well-rounded meal. We’d also suggest it should be delicious, and possibly, cooked and eaten in your jammies. You know that means just one thing: Brunch!

Although there are plenty of brunch options that are both hearty and healthy, we decided to dedicate this article to a morning staple: the egg. Check out 10 of our favorite recipes to chow down when you’re ready to rise and shine.

French Onion Croque Madame

Photo by The Rachael Ray Show

French onion soup meets a croque madame for a unique breakfast option to kick off the morning. We love this sammie for a special occasion because it takes some time and a lot of love to prepare.

Grilled Caesar Salad with Poached Eggs

A salad for breakfast can do the trick when its dressed with toasty bread and a poached egg! Let the yolk serve as the dressing to these perfectly charred ingredients. It’s light, pretty, and easy!

Brunch Burgers

Talk about an awesome brunch recipe! If the yolk doesn’t win you over, there’s also peppered bacon glazed with maple syrup and brown sugar on this towering sammie.

Your Basic Quiche

Sometimes, a simple quiche is all you need to curb a hungry belly in the morning. Cheese, veggies, and some salty meats make it hard to not eat the whole pie! 

Old Bay Burgers with Bacon and Eggs on English Muffins

Photo by The Rachael Ray Show

Now this is our kind of breakfast sandwich! A burger is given a whole new makeover with a fried egg, bacon, and lastly, an English muffin as its bun.

Chick Magnet Salad

Photo by The Rachael Ray Show

Sage and brown butter really take this otherwise basic salad to a new level. The greens and eggs truly live up to its punny title.

Turkey Croque Monsieurs or Madames with Cranberry-Rosemary Relish

If you’re looking for a combo that can’t be beat, look no further. Ham and cheese is a delicious duo that becomes even more tasty with a trusty egg to top it off. 

Bacon, Cheddar and Ranch Waffle

It’s not brunch unless there are waffles involved. Take a break from the sweet toppings for a savory recipe from Rach. You won’t miss the syrup when you have a big bite full of cheddar cheese, bacon, and ranch.

Everything Cream Cheese BLTs on Everything Bagels  

Rach suggests eating this bagel with a delicious Bloody Mary. If you’re in the mood for a flavor blast, you’ll love this sandwich that features “everything” you love for brunch.

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