6 Mouthwatering Recipes from Feedback Chicago

Rachael and John’s music and food festival, Feedback, just made its first stop in Chicago. Needless to say, it was a marvelous night. 

The name “Feedback” is a play on words, celebrating their two favorite things: Great tunes and amazing eats. You can’t rock on an empty stomach!

If you didn’t get to join us for the fun (and even if you did!), we highly recommend cooking up one of these fantastic dishes. Bonus points for jamming to the Feedback Chicago playlist while you cook!

Pilsen-Style Mexican Hot Dogs

Rach’s Smoked Chicken Wings with Hot Plum Sauce

Green City Market Charred Corn on the Cobb with Merkts Cheddar, Port Wine Onion Jam and Crispy Bacon

Photo by Galdones Photography

Spicy Italian Beef Nachos

Dan Dan Noodles

Photo by Galdones Photography

Limesicle Summer Pie-Sicles

(Lead photo by Galdones Photography)

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